About SyMobius

no one ever asks if the woodchuck even enjoys chucking wood. people just assume that the woodchuck chucks wood because of the name. or maybe, just maybe, he likes jazz. perhaps a nice glass of wine, every once in awhile. maybe the woodchuck likes to kick back, and read a nice novella, while dreaming about springtime. but sadly, people only care about his rate of production.

More than the traditional definition of a company or an organization, SyMobius is more like an idea. The idea that by using conventional methods of design and photography, we can achieve much more than just archiving everyday events in the traditional sense. More than just marketing or having an eye for the artistic process, we value the importance of design that influences our everyday lives. We pride ourselves in our effort to bring great photography, marketing, and design to the public.

Here at SyMobius, we do not limit ourselves to labels. Although photography is one of our biggest interests, we cannot do photography justice by calling ourselves "photographers." Same applies to the craft of design. We enjoy design and all its aspects very much, but we're not designers. Photography and design are both methods we use to reach our given goal. We use photography and design to achieve an idea, and that process to us is SyMobius.

The idea that we can pull emotions, cause one to feel something out of an image, that is what fuels us. That is indeed, our goal. And here, our goals define us. We create emotions, and the image is the chosen delivery method.

This ever evolving process is, and has always been, SyMobius.

There is no i in team, but there's an i in pie -Shaun

SyMobius is a collective. We thrive in the company of our contributors and succeed by collaborations. While the tasks and project we dive into has a lot to do with the decisions of our staff members, we do quite frequently, engage in collaborative work brought to our attention from various artists in the local scene.

Any artist is welcome to join us at anytime. We treasure good talent, and we take pride in the fact that we can learn from one another. This is the nourishment that feeds SyMobius, and we take every bite that's given.

Recent Projects

Motor Vixens Hana Sushi XOXO Salon KRG
seris Luxe De Vil Salon Novastar Energy

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What's your secret?

We only use a little bit of starch, but the secret is to evenly spray over the garment. Wait until the starch is completely soaked into the fabric before you initiate ironing. Always use the iron with the recommended heat setting per fabric material.

2. Canon or Nikon?

Thank you for not asking us about Holga.

3. How does your photographs come out so sharp?

The secret to sharpening is with the sharpness setting found in your monitor's menu. Navigate to the sharpness/tint section of the menu, and turn up to 11. Also, if you adjust your tint setting, you can make people look like the hulk. As always, consult your warranty before making any adjustments.

4. Which glass of wine has the poison?

Both. We've long ago developed an immunity for iocane powder.

5. How's it going?


6. Why is the website dominated by photographs of women?

Because the site is designed internally by Kyung, and he has issues.

7. How do I get you to shoot me?

The trick is to NOT send us facebook messages in the middle of the night, with nothing but "Hey". Over and over. Seriously. You have a keyboard. Type a message. What is wrong with you?

8. Why are your business cards square cut??

Because it's hip to be square.

9. What's with the chicken on the website?

It pecks. It just is. Leave it alone.
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